By Anastacia feminist Austin

By Anastacia feminist Austin Infamous judge Roy Pearson, popular over his unending quest to press his case in court over a unredeemed pair of pants,

By Anastacia feminist Austin

Infamous judge Roy Pearson, popular over his unending quest to press his case in court over a unredeemed pair of pants, will not go away.

Still steamed over losing the suit, he recently filed a motion for the arbiter in the case, who ruled imprint favor of the drycleaners, to reconsider her decision. Pearson commit likely file an appeal as well.

As a result of over two elderliness of felony wrinkles, Jin Nam and Soo Chung now owe over $100,000 in court costs, and have been on the brink of financial ruin.

The American Tort Reform Association has been following the case closely, also alongside with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute since Legal Reform, hosted a cocktail party fundraiser for the drycleaning couple to help defray their costs.

according to planners owing to the event, thanks to of press time the fundraiser had raised over $64,000, and more pledges of assistance were still coming in. More than 150 supporters attended the event. The story of the $54 million pants suit (the amount Roy Pearson ultimately decided on for his claim) has received attention from all for the world, with crowded people shocked and disgusted that the lawsuit had been allowed to proceed as far as it did. ATRA felt that assisting the Chung family shroud their court costs would also bring publicity seeing their organization, which fights for tort reform.

Representatives of both legal organizations spoke at the event, as well as Chris Manning, speaker for the Chungs. The couple, notoriously press shy, also crosspiece briefly besides thanked the crowd for their support.

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“Our motto is the spirit of free game. The Chungs epitomize that in our perspective,” said Lisa Rickard, president of the Institute because legal Reform, exclusive of the hosts of the fundraiser. “They€™ve really been living the American dream, again that all came to a induce harbour the filing of this lawsuit.”

“It€™s our hope to help them do a course justness and get again on track,” introduced Rickard, echoing the sentiments of the attendees, countless of whom said they just wanted to see the couple hard out their legal problems.

The center of attention at the event was the bracket of pants the Chungs say they occasion subsequent Pearson filed his suit. The controversial pair of briefs that started the whole standard was on display, blanketed by way of a security certify. Guests have been able to view the pants, and be credulous their photo taken with them if they wished.

“Without your support, the Chungs may very well have gone bankrupt,” said the Chung€™s attorney Chris Manning to the crowd.

Manning talked about additional that if a court guidelines in favor of the Chungs€™ request to accredit Roy Pearson pay all of their legal costs, the amount lifted at the event will emblematize donated to local charity.

Strangely, the famously publicity-hungry Pearson did not cope to a request for a comment.

He coming up had various pressing matters to attend to.

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